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Plastic and Polyethylene foam profiles

Profiles in polyethylene foam

The polyethylene foam (plastic) is a material that allows the realization of profiles can protect edges, corners and edges of products such as furniture, tables, chairs, furniture components, glasses, mirrors and fixtures.

These polyethylene foam profiles can be made with sections and different thicknesses. They are available in various types, to "L" to "U", "Angle" or "Tubulars." They are very lightweight and easily stackable.

The advantages of the profiles in polyethylene foam

Profiles in polyethylene foam offers high protection of objects and goods: from bumps and scratches but also to protect all products with sharp corners and edges.

The particular type of material has a long shelf life, while maintaining the quality and the same technical characteristics as the original, without absorbing moisture. The flexibility and lightness of plastic profiles or polyethylene allow savings in the costs of transport and storage.

Plastic corners

The plastic corners are used to protect the edges and corners of objects of furniture, mechanical parts, small appliances, goods of wood, plastic, high-tech products.


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